Home Schooling Tutors in Nottingham

Here at Guide Tuition, we provide supportive and patient tuition to help pupils overcome their difficulties and achieve greater outcomes with enjoyable, pressure-free tuition.

Whether you have chosen to home-school your child due to issues at school, learner focus or because homeschooling was your preferred choice of education, we can help add structured lessons to your child’s educational journey at all school levels.

Our tutors can help to resolve the problems and worries that cause anxiety by adopting a learner-centred approach whilst working at each learner’s pace in familiar and comfortable surroundings. We’ve worked with many homeschooled students over the years and achieved 100% A*-C with such students, but more importantly, our students have been able to enjoy learning.

Our homeschooling is available for all ages: younger children, secondary age, and adults. Subjects include Maths, English and all three Sciences at all levels, from primary to GCSE, A level and beyond.

We also welcome home-schooled groups to our centre and can cater for classes of up to 15 students.

If you are interested in Guide helping to provide your child with personalised tuition as part of your homeschooling, please fill out a student registration form here.


For some students, learning from home is the best option. Be it due to the distance to the nearest centre, lack of proximity to a tutor, certain time commitments or even temperamental weather! Whatever the reason, students can have access to everything they need for Maths, English and Science GCSE and A-Level revision by using our e-learning system: TuitionKit.

TuitionKit has over 1000 tutorial videos covering English, Maths and Science GCSE revision, relevant to a range of exam boards, covering the key skills needed.

TuitionKit is available for an annual, all access subscription. This covers all English maths and science GCSE materials. So, if you can not make it to our centres, you are more than welcome to have a free trial of the materials available on TuitionKit to help you with your studies. Please click on the TuitionKit image below to register.

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